Publishing your catalog with the support of iBooExport is a professional, affordable, and fast way to get your catalog into print. Compared to publishing on your own, you do give up control of some aspects of the publishing process, but only in exchange for less hassle and expense. iBooExport professionals with catalog-publishing expertise will educate and guide you through the entire process for an affordable price. Supported publishing also enables you to test your marketing abilities and to learn about the publicity process without emptying your bank account or making it your full-time career. And, because you control the rights to your catalog, you can get started with supported self-publishing but move to a traditional publisher—or choose to self publish on your own—after you have experience and a track record.

Traditional publishing can be a great way to get published, but it's difficult to break into the business. Our publishing on your own can be lucrative, but it requires a significant investment and long-term commitment. While supported our publishing may not be the right long-term solution for all companies, it is the most efficient and affordable way to get started and, ultimately, get published!