SEO Optimization

  • Metadata is all of the information that describes your catalog. In fact, your metadata does the job of several sales representatives.
  • It describes your catalog, product and company to prospectives, customers and buyers, telling them where it belongs on the shelf and which customers might be interested in it.
  • Metadata is also used to describe your catalog to consumers online. 
  • And, behind the scenes, it tells search engines where your catalog and products belongs in a search.

The job of search engines everywhere is to answer the questions, phrases, and keywords people type into search bars all over the Internet. Metadata helps those search tools return the most accurate results, using key words and phrases. The better your metadata, the more likely your catalog will be to turn up in your audience’s search results. If your metadata describes your catalog and pruduct correctly,  using terms for which your ideal audience frequently searches, your catalog may display in a search for anything resembling your catalog.  In fact, with great metadata, you might be able to reach a customer who is not even looking for a catalog. For example, if someone is looking for information about a particular product, location, social situation, or activity, your catalog might be the perfect source of information. Your metadata is the key to access those customers who you might not reach with other marketing efforts.

iBooExport makes sure that your catalog has a good metadata for search engines.  What makes perfect to iBooExport metadata is that all online bookstores all over the world gets the metadata when they display our clients' catalog both print and electronic.