Catalogs have been one of consumers’ favorite ways to shop for over two hundred years. Catalog marketing is a specialized form of direct marketing that still holds an important place among the various marketing strategies used today, including social media and Internet advertising.  Even as people purchase goods online more often, many still use the catalog as their preferred source of information about a company’s products and services.

According to retail consultancy Kurt Salmon, 31% of shoppers have a catalog with them when they make an online purchase. Catalogs ferret out the best customers, and push them to utilize omni channel outlets, increasing both brand loyalty and awareness.

iBoo specializes creating a state-of-art catalog both for print & electronic, and make it available for targeted consumer in around 120 countries and over 40.000 networks. 

We create an interactive catalog with video streams, audio, buy button, links and so on for the companies, aspecially EXPORTERS along with a print version.

Just contact us,  and we tell you more how to increase your export efforts.  


Environmental Facts

Companies print more than they think!

Printing is a $870 billion industry, 3 times bigger than the software industry ($300 billion) and almost 60 times bigger than the global music industry ($15 billion). 

Transportation counts over 25% of carbon emissions in the EU and US

Printing with iBooExport  cuts your transportation distances up to 90%. All orders are automatically routed to the best-suited print partner closest to the delivery destination. iBooExport works with 12 diffrenet printers in 12 countries.

 Over 40% of the global industrial wood harvest is used to make paper 

Print-on-demand with rapid delivery helps Gelato's customers print what they need and avoid excess volumes. Through a more efficient print process, less paper is used, leading to less waste.




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Jolly MICE

Yıllarını etkinliklere veren bir ekibin notları... Toplantı organizasyonları, teşvik gezileri, kongreler ve etkinlikler alanında uzman kadrosuyla ve eksiksiz bir alt yapı ile kurumlara, sektörde 1987 yılından bu yana önemli başarılara imza atmış, Jolly Tur markası olarak Jolly Mice adıyla hizmet vermekte ve yoluna her geçen gün daha da büyüyerek devam etmektedir…

Beautyland Turkey N.29

A warm hello from the issues of Beauty Land. All Beautyland back issues are available to buy as both print & and electronic magazines through Apple Newsstand for viewing on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch Google newsstand for android devices and also available on world’s selected online book stores like amazon, barnes & noble, chaptersindigo, rakuten, kalahari in 120 countries over 40.000 networks..

Favilla Catalog

This is a 2017 edition Favilla Catalog available in 8 different languages.

TILIA Outdoor Catalog 2018

Tilia or with its well known name linden tree.The symbol of happiness; in whose shadow we have invaluable relaxation and recall our romantic remembrance; with whose extraordinary fragrance we warm our soul. Just like Linden Tree, our company is also strong and deep-rooted. We have been manufacturing various products to meet the basic needs of our local society and international markets since 1963. Our main objective is to share happiness and satisfaction with you wherever we live. From now on Savaş Plastik products will be presented under the common name of TILIA. But our philosophy remains unchanged; what you will find in all our products is going to be full customers satisfaction with zero-concession again. Our Primary Activities : • Plastic indoor & outdoor furnitures • Contract furniture for Hotels, Cafes & Restaurants • Plastic waste containers, Waste bins, Trash Bins We export 50% of our production more than 50 countries.

Bora Plastic

Established in 1957, Bora Plastic is a privately owned family business which has become one of Europe’s most successful independent manufacturing companies. With headquarters located on its founding site in Co. Istanbul , the company has grown in scale to employ over 200 people at several locations throughout the Turkey.


Since its foundation in 1991, the mission of İKMİB has been to sustain the professional ethics and cohesion of Turkish export companies in the chemicals industry, help increase export levels, diversify export products, help increase products' competitiveness, defend its members' rights and interests, and help them form strong relationships in the intrenational arena and support them to get into new markets. To that end, our Association takes active part in international organizations and continues the organizational work in Turkey. The goals are to be in close relationships with all the sub-sectors of the chemicals industry, follow new developments and innovations in the sector closely, and engage new customers from overseas.