• iBooExport gives solutions to companies that desire to increase their export capacities.  
  • As a result of increased digi­tal innovation and advanced communication, publishing has become more global than ever.
  • iBooExport enables that your catalog is quickly and easily travels the world.
  • Export  companies are increas­ingly looking to other countries for new customers, sales channels and partnerships that will expand their business and export capacities.
  • iBooExport PREPARE, PUBLISH, DISTRUBUTE and PROMOTE companies' catalog both print and electronic. 
  • iBooExport ensures that your catalogs are accessible to thousands of retailers around the globe both print and electronic, sale or free.
  • iBooExport enables your catalogs to be ordered by and distributed to online booksellers and retailers around 120 countries and over 40.000 networks.
  • Our international network also speeds delivery of your catalog for orders in 90 percent of the world.  This allows you to reach a wide audience and compete in the marketplace. 

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